Tour 1 day Douro Amarante, Ruler, Lamego and Pinion


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With visits to all places shown in the pictures

Tour 1 day Douro Amarante, Ruler, Lamego and Pinion. With a cruise on the Douro River and included a visit to a Farm Port.


(Departure in the Grand Harbour area, for departures from other cities please contact us)

Douro Tour

The region of the Douro, located north of Portugal, is one of the most beautiful in the country. Born in Spain and flowing into between the banks of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, across the entire wine region, the Douro River gives its name to the region, with its 850 km length is jewelry featuring this unique landscape.

Region marked by the Douro River and its tributaries is hallmark of the famous Port wine. The recent construction of dams along the river route became navigable, through 3 unevenness with a height of 14, 22 and 35 meters. We observe one of these operation unevenness during the passage of a Cruise for these dams.

The winery activity of the Alto Douro Wine Region and its unique landscape were considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, the Douro is the demarcated region of the world's oldest wines, being classified in 1756 by the Marquis of Pombal in order to guarantee the origin of the quality of this unique wine.

With landscapes regarded as the world's best magazines for international tourism, this region offers memorable moments.

We will cross the section of the N222 between the Peso da Régua and Pinhão Weight which was declared a 'World Best Driving Road', the world's best road to drive, snaking along the Douro River and the wine-producing slopes. Unforgettable!

We visit a producer of wine Quinta do Porto and have the opportunity to see the countryside at Casal Viewpoint of Loivos that was awarded as one of the best views in the world, for a BBC travel program.

We visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies in the city of Lamego, as well as its centuries-old cathedral.

Todos os nossos horários e roteiros são flexíveis de acordo com a vontade dos participantes. A nossa prioridade é proporcionar um dia de passeio memorável. As horas são meramente indicativas. Visitaremos todos os locais mostrados nas imagens da descrição da Tour. Teremos todo o tempo desejado para tirar fotografias.


  • Transport will be held in New Vans 8 seater Mercedes, unless otherwise specified and Tours with more than 8 participants
  • Meals are always local to the choice of participants, we have no contract with any restaurants, we can only make suggestions depending on the desired type of food. The choice is always the participants
  • Entries in the monuments not included
  • Professional guide who speaks several languages
  • Offer tasting of Portuguese regional drinks for the duration of the Tour
  • Internet wi-fi on board
  • Children stay in their own chairs


The town of Amarante is situated on the banks of the Tamega River, a major tributary of the Douro River.

This region started to gain importance and visibility after the arrival of Saint Mary (1187-1259), who settled here after wandering around Rome and Jerusalem - the construction of the bridge over the River Tamega, is attributed to this saint.

In the century. XVI was sent build the São Gonçalo Monastery in his honor. The monastery is a masterpiece that remains unsullied until the present day and deserves certainly your visit.

In addition to a rich architectural heritage, there is a significant gastronomic heritage with typical sweets and originating from this region.

The town is also known for having the best restaurant in Europe, awarded Michelin star, "the Palace Square," Restaurant Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais Chateaux.


Peso da Régua or known weight only as Régua is a city located along the banks of the Douro River, in full wine region. City of great importance in the marketing of port as a trading center due to its train station.

Rule is known as a docking port of the Douro cruises, for its wine and its gastronomy.

With breathtaking views, this city can visit the Douro Museum.

On its streets you can buy souvenirs or drink a glass of Port wine under the gaze of the Douro River.

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